The Astral Project - Prototype Playthrough
by Kristjan Buckingham, Jay Cooper,
Lynn Akhouri & Nneka Nnagbo
The Astral Project is a playable 2D game prototype. The gameplay is essentially a scavenger hunt style puzzle game with a top-down RPG aesthetic. The player must solve puzzles by interacting with objects in a specific order based on prompts in order to enter the astral plane, guided by their cosmic companion Leela the cat. If the player is able to enter and exit the astral plane in each of the five rooms, they are able to win the game and transcend into the astral world.
Play The Astral Project here:
Speculative Fiction / Science Fiction Contextual Review Video Essay
Speculative Fiction / Science Fiction (SF) is a useful way to consider the implications of technological and scientific developments, and to bring these conversations outside of academic spaces. Media such as books, film and television, radio and podcasting, video games, and VR / AR experiences have all been used to facilitate speculative representations of existence and potential realities. Speculation may be used as a tool to better understand and find truth in the unknowable through fictional imaginings represented through media. 
Dear Theo: Letters from Vincent Van Gogh Video Essay by
Kristjan Buckingham & Kelly Veillette
Vincent Van Gogh wrote over 900 letters and created over 800 paintings. He only sold one in his lifetime.