Advertising & Graphic Design Coordinator in Book Publishing at University of Toronto Press. Currently based in Toronto after moving to complete a Master of Design degree in the Digital Futures Graduate Studies program at OCAD University. My master's thesis builds on my previous work creating non-linear Augmented Reality storytelling experiences to facilitate a speculative fiction narrative with a head-mounted display comprised of an Oculus Rift S VR headset, ZED Mini camera for AR passthrough, and Leap Motion hand-tracking for controllerless interactions. I obtained my Bachelor of Design from MacEwan University in Edmonton, where I began working at the university-run record label Bent River Records in 2017. I’m still working with student interns and associates with the goal of creating opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration between students and music industry professionals. I’m also a freelance graphic designer, video editor, and illustrator. Much of my work is informed by my interest in the artistic and storytelling affordances which are specific to each medium, and how those respective limitations and possibilities inform the outcome and presentation of the work.